IMHO #18: Gaddafi’s Death

I saw the pictures, as I’m sure many of you have by now. He’s definitely a dead man in a drainage ditch. But what does his death mean for us? Libya? the world?

Well, for Libya, it marks the end of a 42-year-long tyranny, which is great. However, Libya is a severely divided nation, housing many tribes and groups, so when President Obama said that they are on the “long and winding road to democracy”, he’s completely right. It is gonna take a lot of time before the country agrees upon a new reigning “party”, and I have a feeling there’s gonna be quite a few civil wars in the wake of it, which will undoubtedly also be fought over their unsettling supply of gold and, more importantly, oil.

And what will be affected by these fights? Prices. Libya may not be the sole source of oil, but they have a large chunk of the sales, and if they are having trouble internally controlling oil and its pricing, the rest of the world can expect to have their prices get driven up as well, so that’ll be awesome. Not.

And I’m sure the Obama administration will choose a side and continue sending in illegal special forces and other aids, even though a) it’s not our fight, and b) we don’t need to bail out every country that seems to be in need, cuz we’re TRILLIONS of dollars in debt ourselves, in case anyone’s forgotten!

I do hope for Libya’s sake, though, that once they do reach democracy, it isn’t the diluted version America seems to want to impress upon every country who isn’t us. I hope they get a true democracy. They deserve it after all the bloodshed that has and is bound to happen.

tl;dr: ♪♫ Ding, dong, Gaddafi’s dead, but guess what guys? The world’s still screwed. ♫♪

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